Unique solutions for home and industrial needs

AGP Tech brings forth solutions to make life easy. Individuals and organisations around the world seek quick time saving and reliable solutions to help make their day to day work easy. With changing lifestyles and fast paced labour intensive routine around, such services serve the needs of everyone.

AGP Tech provides products that are dependable and serve the industrial and household needs of customers. Ladders for industrial and home use, Hinges and Hangers with different models and variants offer customers with a wide array of choices to meet different requirements.

AGP Tech offer ladders under the brand name EZ Stepz which are available in two variants- Hom Mate and Indi Mate. With two year guarantee these ladders are the ideal solution for various industrial and home needs.

The innovative product range in Hinges and Hangers are designed to meet different requirements in construction as well as individual home requirements. AGP Tech are also pioneers in the State, providing a specialised service in Bending. Bending services help clients in Construction and Iron and Aluminium industry to create and alter various shapes with rods and bars for industrial purposes.